Roy Horne

Roy Horne


Professional musician, and truth seeker, Roy Horne has been practicing Toltec dreaming for over 4 decades. The expansion of his consciousness has been the main focus of his life. The Mandela Effect "unhinged" him from Space and Time and the resulting experiences are the focal point of his writings.



Past Shows:

  • Mandela Effect/ Film Making

    Roy Horne talked about his study of the Mandela Effect. Followed by Jeremy Kagan on his film making career and NDE.More »

Last Night

Tic Tac UFOs / UAP Hearings
Tic Tac UFOs / UAP Hearings
Documentary director Caroline Cory and technology researcher Dave Mason discussed the true nature of UFOs. Followed by researchers Joe Murgia, Danny Silva, and Ryan Robbins on the first open congressional hearings on UAP.
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