Tarot Readings / Dogman & Cryptids

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Tarot Readings / Dogman & Cryptids

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John Russell has over 45 years of expertise as a professional psychic with a worldwide clientele, and as a paranormal investigator who has witnessed over 800 supernatural manifestations. He joined guest host Connie Willis (info) during the first half of the program for a discussion about the history and uses of Tarot. Russell delved into the ancient background of fortune-telling with playing cards before Tarot existed, and mentioned that playing cards may have been around as early as the ninth century in China. The Tarot deck is said to have derived from playing cards, he explained, noting the Major Arcana and four suits representing different aspects of life.

Regarding the practical aspects of using Tarot, Russell brought up the relevance of certain categories in today's world, such as health, love, and money. He described the associations of the suits with creativity, emotions, action, and the material realm. Russell touched on the need for thorough study and practice to become proficient in Tarot reading, and emphasized the importance of understanding the cards, honing intuition, and developing unique insights beyond book interpretations. Russell advised beginners to focus on one deck and one book to avoid confusion, and recommended genuine study, practice, and respect for one's own level of ability.


Lee Hampel purchased land in rural Wisconsin and found out there were many unexplained entities living there. Among the cryptids he claims to have seen on his land is the Dogman, which he estimates to be seven feet tall. The creature has come to be known as the Beast of Bray Road. In the latter half of the show, Hampel shared an update from his property and his latest encounters with the Beast. Hampel detailed the story of discovering paranormal anomalies on his property, starting in 2013, with cameras capturing photos over the past decade. He conducts tours for up to 20 people, showing them photos and taking them on a hayride around his property.

Hampel reported on various tracks of different creatures, mentioning five different types. He recounted experiences during a hayride, where electronic interference, particularly with GPS systems, was observed. He described an incident where, after an event, a silhouette of a creature covering 80 to 90 percent of a barn doorway was seen. The creature's head touched the top of the doorway, Hampel noted.

He also recounted a strange incident from May 2017 in Lake Geneva, Wisconsin, where he saw two red glowing eyes about three feet off the road. Convinced it was not a coyote or deer, Hampel flashed his headlights and the entity, about four and a half feet tall, quickly descended an embankment. The entity seemed to move incredibly fast, disappearing after a series of jumps, he recalled. On a subsequent night, Hampel experienced a similar phenomenon and claimed to have lost about 90 minutes of time.

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