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Numbers & Mysticism/ Nostradamus' Prophecies

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In the first half, Richard Syrett was joined by author Marty Leeds for a discussion on the mystical and mathematical properties of the English language including the Holy 108, and the numerological breakdown of the name of Jesus Christ. Gematria or Kabbalah is the science of assigning numbers to alphabets, and intriguing correlations occur in a number of different languages including Hebrew, Greek, Arabic-- and English, which is Leeds' specialty. There's been a "deeply mystical and strange connection with numbers and letters throughout history that really points to some of the spiritual traditions," he explained.

By using a code or cipher, such as A equals 1, B equals 2, there are indications that various languages have a mathematical structure behind them, with messages that point to a glorification of a great spirit, he continued. For instance, the name Jesus (45666 = 27) Christ (365567 = 32), adds up to the number 59, and there are 59 beads on the rosary, he noted. 0-59 is a reference to time or the clock, with Jesus' name related to the importance of time, he said. Leeds also talked about the holy number of 108 (view related video), which corresponds to the Sanskrit alphabet, and various astrological associations. There are particular numbers that relate to the human body, such as numbers of bones, and these correlations suggest that the body is a temple, that holds a great divine force from within, he remarked.


In the latter half, author Mario Reading asserted that he's found a key to providing dates for Nostradamus' predictions, and uncovering the connections that links the seer’s various quatrains. Under the influence of nutmeg, which in high doses acts as a kind of hallucinogen, Nostradamus used a scrying technique (putting ink and water into a copper bowl), in which he would see visions in the bowl, as though it was a "tear in the curtain," Reading recounted. His breakthrough in deciphering Nostradamus' quatrains came when he started looking more closely at his indexes, and tracking the dates over a 700-year period after his death, looking for specific incidents.

He found that Nostradamus had over 800 prophecies that have come true, and according to Reading's interpretation, here are some events yet to come in this century:

  • 2016-- Hillary Clinton "a woman taking the role of man," will be elected president. During her presidency, there'll be trouble in Eastern Europe/Russia.
  • 2016-- Ecological disaster linked to war.
  • 2017-- An attack on a US naval base by a rejuvenated Al Qaeda or ISIS.
  • 2028-- The discovery of the Philosopher's Stone (long sought alchemical substance).
  • 2040-- End of monarchy in Britain.
  • 2041-- The birth of a visionary Pan-African leader.
  • 2062-- Worldwide epidemic.
  • 2069-- A damaging asteroid strike.
  • 2070-- A third world war brought about by the 3rd Antichrist.

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