Linda Hellow

Linda Hellow


Linda Hellow fell in love with Las Vegas after visiting in the 1980’s. She left Michigan 27 years ago to build a new life in the Silver State, where she worked in the casino industry until retiring in 2023. Her life was pretty ordinary and mundane until Nov 3, 2022, when she was rudely awakened by the FBI kicking down her front door, and armed agents in full assault gear greeted her at the bottom of the stairs. After being perp-walked in her underwear out into the street on that cold November morning she was subjected to questions and cruel insinuations about her boyfriend, Joerg Arnu.

To this day, that whole experience remains a mystery, but what occurred that day will never be forgotten. Linda now enjoys studying mystical disciplines such as astrology, tarot, numerology, Reiki healing, divination, and other esoteric studies, and of course, her interests include ufology.


Past Shows:

  • Alien Abductions / Area 51 & FBI Raid

    Hypnotherapist and researcher Yvonne Smith shared details and conclusions about alien abductions. Followed by Area 51 researcher Joerg Arnu and his partner Linda Hellow on the FBI raids of their homes.More »
  • Area 51 Website Controversy / UFO Crashes

    Joerg Arnu, owner of an Area 51 website, discussed the alleged FBI raid on his home and his girlfriend Linda Hellow's. Followed by researchers James Iandoli and Jay Christopher King on high-profile UFO cases and the pending report to Congress.More »

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