Area 51 Website Controversy / UFO Crashes

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Area 51 Website Controversy / UFO Crashes

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In the first half, George Knapp welcomed Joerg Arnu, owner of the Area 51-themed website Dreamland Resort. Arnu detailed the events of the morning of November 3, 2022, when, he claimed, a group of agents identifying themselves as the FBI allegedly kicked in the doors of his home, pointed a gun at him, and searched his personal belongings. Among the items they took, Arnu said, were computer and camera equipment. Although the agents questioned him about his potentially photographing Area 51 with a drone—which Arnu denied—he was unable to determine the purpose of the raid, he continued.

Arnu maintained that he has never been charged with a crime, and has never been contacted in response to his inquiries about the incident. He knows the limits as to what's legal with regard to sharing information about Area 51, he noted, and would never willingly violate them. He's even turned down offers from others to post potentially illegal information, said Arnu. He speculated that the raid may have been a "fishing expedition" to scare him, and that he may have even been suspected of being a foreign agent.

In the second hour, Linda Hellow, Arnu's girlfriend, joined the show to share her own frightening experience on the day of his encounter with the FBI. Unbeknownst to Arnu at the time, her own home was also raided, with a gun pointed at her as well, she reported. She was "perp walked" out to an FBI vehicle, she went on, where she was questioned about Arnu's website. After it was determined that Arnu was not at her residence, she conceded that the situation "calmed down," and she was released.


In the second half, UFO researchers James Iandoli and Jay Christopher King addressed the pending UFO report to Congress, which was due three weeks ago but still hasn't surfaced. King lamented the fact that the mainstream press, instead of following sound journalistic principles in covering the US government's knowledge of UAP, was engaged in "pre-bunking" stories before they even come out. Similarly, reporters trying to pursue stories of crash retrieval or experiencers, for example, have encountered a number of roadblocks along the way.

The two also described high-profile UFO crash incidents, particularly those involving retrievals by authorities. One special consideration in crash retrieval is that the energy released is on par with a nuclear explosion, Iandoli said. King related his experience with retrieval research, including studying the notes taken at the infamous Wilson-Davis meeting in 2002. The notes also mention knowledge of intact craft without any damage, King revealed, which may point to the possibility of alien craft being gifted to humankind.

Knapp's News 11/27/22

George Knapp shared recent items of interest, including articles on uncovering the truth about the US government’s involvement with UFOs, exotic technologies, and related phenomena:

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