Lindsey Scharmyn

Lindsey Scharmyn


After suffering demonic attachment and poltergeist activity, Lindsey Scharmyn was forced to deal with spiritual and paranormal forces to survive. She grew up in a pretty rough world, foregoing much that humans need, but also immersed in a Universe of pure love that exists within every aspect and moment. She found the bliss and wonder of all and began to write channelings from beyond. She hopes that people love and find beauty in what poured out upon paper. Existing in sync with creation is the best thing she has ever done with her time on Earth.



Past Shows:

  • Healing with Tarot / Open Lines

    Shamanic teacher and healer Lindsey Scharmyn discussed her spiritual journey, demonic attachments, and using the Tarot to heal past life traumas. Open Lines followed in the latter half of the program.More »

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