Thomas Maier

Thomas Maier


Thomas Maier is the author of several books, an Emmy-winning television producer, and a longtime Newsday investigative reporter. In 2022, he won the Columbia University Journalism School Award for career achievement. America in our times is the backdrop for his biographies, which have been singled out by critics for best-of-the-year honors. His book "Mafia Spies" shows how the CIA recruited two gangsters to assassinate Cuban leader Fidel Castro during the Cold War. In a starred review, Booklist called it "brilliant" and "enormous fun" and "standout" among non-fiction spy books. It's being developed by Paramount for a future TV series.

Since 1984, he's been a writer for Newsday in New York, previously working at the Chicago Sun-Times. In 2002, he won the world's top $20,000 investigative prize from the International Consortium of Investigative Reporting, now called the "Daniel Pearl Award", for a series about the deadly exploitation of immigrant workers. Other investigative series have won the national Sigma Delta Chi Distinguished Service Award (twice, 1987 and 2013), the national Worth Bingham Award, National Headliners Award, New York Deadline Club, Society of Silurians and many others. He earned a master's degree in 1982 from the Columbia University Graduate School of Journalism, where he won the John Patterson television documentary prize at graduation and was later awarded a John McCloy fellowship to Europe.



Past Shows:

  • Gangsters, Castro, & the CIA / ETs & Ancient Egypt

    Journalist and producer Thomas Maier recounted how gangsters Johnny Roselli and Sam Giancana were hired by the CIA to kill Fidel Castro. Followed by author Dr. Michael Salla on the Egyptian connection to ETs.More »
  • Mafia Spies / UAP Hearings

    Journalist Thomas Maier discussed how two gangsters were hired by the CIA to kill Fidel Castro. Followed by paranormal expert Richard Lawrence with analysis of the recent UAP hearing.More »

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