Char Margolis

Char Margolis


Char Margolis is an internationally acclaimed psychic intuitive who has been using her gifts to help people for more than forty years. She has amazed millions of people all over the world with her uncanny ability to make contact with departed spirits.



Past Shows:

  • Alternative Fuel / Psychic Contacts

    Expert in alternative fuels David Blume discussed the recent proposal to ban the sale of gas-powered vehicles in California. Followed by psychic intuitive Char Margolis with tips on how to develop psychic abilities.More »
  • Science & the Universe/ Communicating with the Departed

    Physicist Lawrence Krauss talked about cosmology, and our fabric of reality. Followed by psychic intuitive Char Margolis sharing messages from the departed.More »

Last Night

War on Cars / Faith and UFOs
War on Cars / Faith and UFOs
Jay Beeber with the National Motorists Association argued that the act of driving has become overly regulated and villainized in recent years. Followed by UFO experiencer Chris Bledsoe on his various close encounters in North Carolina.


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