Mark Fiorentino

Mark Fiorentino


Mark Fiorentino is a self-taught metaphysician who worked in the high-tech industry. Employed as an electronic technician at Harris Government Systems, he worked on a killer satellite missile guidance system and then at IBM as a computer programmer. At the age of 10, Mark was fascinated by the works of Albert Einstein, and particularly, his quest to construct a Unified Field Theory. 55 years later, his scientific research has completed the Theory, but it has also opened up the door for a few others as well. With conspiracy theories about alien technology, NDEs, and a Theory of Super Relativity, Mark has earned himself the title of "Master of Reality."



Past Shows:

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  • Unified Field Theory / Open Lines

    Author Mark Fiorentino discussed Einstein and unified field theory. Open Lines followed in the latter half of the program.More »