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Author Mark Fiorentino, who worked for many years in the high-tech industry, has been obsessed with Einstein's Unified Field Theory ever since hearing about it when he was ten. In the first half, he outlined some of the physics concepts he's developed, including "solving" the quantum Unified Field Theory. "I was able to predict particle masses using an equation only about an inch long," he marveled, using a 200-year-old equation that he "repurposed." Fiorentino said he is having the equation evaluated by a physicist in California. By deconstructing electromagnetism back to its primary elements- the electrostatic field, gravity, and magnetism, he said he could decipher the composition of outer space. The gravitational field, he added, is instigated by the motion of charged particles.

He talked about his notion of the 'Slipwave Spatial Bias Drive' (a technology he suspects is used by interplanetary UFOs), in which the light speed barrier is broken by warping or bending space through the use of high-intensity magnetic fields. Fiorentino also talked about research into so-called 'metamaterials,' in which permeability is reduced so that light can shine infinitely fast within them. Such technology could be used for time travel, he mused, if we think of all of time happening at once. He suggested that a stargate accelerating particles to such a high degree that space begins to vibrate could potentially be tuned to different frequencies or time periods.


In the latter half, C2C's investigative reporter Cheryll Jones shared her interview with ufologists Gary Heseltine and Don Schmitt about their new global organization, the International Coalition of Extraterrestrial Research (ICER). Representatives from 27 nations on five continents are members of the Coalition, said Heseltine, and they share the belief that we are not alone in the cosmos. ICER further acknowledges that UFO/UAP sightings are real, and based on the evidence, they're likely to be non-human or extraterrestrial in origin. Distinguished members of the Coalition include Professor Lachezar Filipov, an astrophysicist from Bulgaria, and astronomer Dr. Eamonn Ansbro from Ireland.

As we await the soon-to-be-released Senate report on UFOs, Schmitt told Cheryll he's concerned that the "threat" aspect from these unidentified vehicles is being overplayed, as such mysterious aerial encounters have been ongoing since the 1940s. ICER is the only global group looking at this phenomenon through the wider lens of the contact experience, and what that may entail moving forward, Haseltine noted. Ultimately, he added, ICER (a non-profit organization) would like to become involved with making recommendations or presentations to the United Nations.

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