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Unified Field Theory / Open Lines

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How was the universe created? How will the universe end? How can we safeguard humanity until the end of time? Mark Fiorentino, a self-taught metaphysician who worked in the high-tech industry, joined guest host Richard Syrett (Twitter) to delve into Einstein’s Unified Field Theory, which he believes holds the key to understanding the universe.

Fiorentino reflected on his early interest in the Unified Field Theory, expressing how it felt natural for him to ponder such concepts, even from a young age. He shared a personal connection to Albert Einstein, having been born near where he lived and visiting Princeton University as a child. Fiorentino recounted encounters with various psychics who predicted he would make significant discoveries or inventions later in life. Despite skepticism, these repeated messages pushed Fiorentino to explore his potential, which led to encounters with other psychics later in life who provided messages purportedly from Einstein himself.

Fiorentino offered a detailed explanation of his own understanding of Unified Field Theory, suggesting that electromagnetism and gravity are aspects of a single fundamental field. He described deconstructing electromagnetism into primary forces and proposed how these forces bend a quasi-elastic solid known as the ether. He highlighted Einstein's earlier belief in the ether and suggested a connection between the primary fields and the ether as a unified structure.

Fiorentino shared personal experiences and synchronicities, such as moments of inspiration during thunderstorms, which he interpreted as confirmation of his theories. He discussed his ongoing exploration of anti-gravity and efforts to incorporate it into the Unified Field Theory. Fiorentino proposed the existence of a slip wave as a mechanism for anti-gravity, based on experiments conducted in his garage. Despite challenges and safety concerns, Fiorentino expressed a desire to pursue further experiments and invited collaboration from those with expertise in designing high-voltage capacitors.


Open Lines followed in the latter half of the program. Jim in Delaware reflected on his beliefs surrounding Edgar Cayce's prophecies, particularly regarding the return of Jesus' apostles. He referenced a passage from Chapter 10 of the book of Revelation, highlighting the imagery of a figure with one foot on land and one on the sea, holding a little book that is sweet to taste but turns sour in the stomach. Jim suggested this figure could be significant in delivering messages to world leaders before the return of Christ.

George from Pennsylvania discussed anti-gravity technology, mentioning his involvement in building an anti-gravity machine with researcher Dr. Schultz. He described how tornadoes serve as a proof of concept for anti-gravity principles, noting the dynamics of water, counter rotation, and energy manipulation. George recounted an episode involving Reagan-era technology and claimed involvement in creating a machine with laser capabilities. He also talked about Dr. Schultz supposedly stopping UFOs in Roswell using radar technology.

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