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Before Genesis / Digital Currency

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What is the age of the Earth? Just as Galileo challenged the Church to accept that Earth circles the sun, it is far beyond time for us to challenge traditional interpretations regarding our planet’s earliest ages, according to author Donna Howell. She joined guest host Richard Syrett (Twitter) to discuss the time before the Bible's Genesis in the days it was "without form and void,"  and what may have really happened in the days of Adam. She discussed the theological "war" between the "young Earth" proponents and those who believe the earth is billions of years old, and how her book with her late father, Dr. Thomas Horn, provides a third path to reconcile science and theology; or "true science" as she called it.

She said that this includes the idea of a gap; that God created the heavens and the earth, then the Earth "became something else, which is without form and void," and then there was the creation of Adam. She said this follows a pattern that is also hinted at with the idea in the Book of Revelation that, "He's going to make a new Earth, a new Heaven, a new Jerusalem." She claims that creation and destruction may have happened many times, and that this is why we see evidence that supports both "old" and "new" earth theories. She also discussed the possible role of Lucifer, or Satan, and how though these two have been conflated they were originally different entities, with Lucifer given authority over the Earth.


In the second half, Mel Mattison, writer and fintech executive, spoke about the Bank of International Settlements, which is the Central Bank of all Central Banks, and how it is pushing toward implementing a Central Bank Digital Currency. Mattison discussed the history of the Federal Reserve and other central banking structures, and the Nazi roots of the current European Central Bank and the Bank of International Settlements. He explained how the entire idea stretched back to the 17th century, and the establishment of the Central Bank of England as a way to finance wars without increasing taxation. "That is where, essentially, the fraudulent basis of the modern monetary system began," Mattison said.

He said that central banks in Europe, the United States, and elsewhere are concerned about the decentralized nature of digital currencies like Bitcoin, which aren't under their control, and are working to create their own digital currencies instead. One of those will be for bank (or wholesale) use and one for regular transactional (or retail) use. He also warned about the potential for using this new digital currency to track purchases - what he termed "marked bills on steroids" - as well as the ability to directly fine or withhold money for failing to live up to certain social norms.

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