Leonard Mlodinow

Leonard Mlodinow


Dr. Leonard Mlodinow is a theoretical physicist and author and was on the faculty of­ the California Institute of Technology. His most recent book is The Upright Thinkers: The Human Journey from Living in Trees to Understanding the Cosmos. His book, Subliminal: How Our Unconscious Mind Rules Our Behavior, won the 2013 PEN/Wilson award as best literary science book. His book The Drunkard’s Walk: How Randomness Rules Our Lives, was a New York Times notable book of the year. The Grand Design, co-authored with Stephen Hawking, was a #1 best seller. He is also the co-author, with Deepak Chopra, of War of the Worldviews: Science and Spirituality. Dr. Mlodinow has also written for the series MacGyver, and Star Trek: The Next Generation.



Past Shows:

  • Quantum Physics & Stephen Hawking / Poltergeist Haunting

    Author and physicist Leonard Mlodinow discussed the latest news in quantum physics and his friendship with Stephen Hawking. Followed by Keith Linder with updates on his poltergeist haunting near Seattle.More »
  • The Legacy of Stephen Hawking / Tarot & Edgar Allan Poe

    Leonard Mlodinow spoke about the legacy of the influential physicist Stephen Hawking. Followed by Rose Wright on how Edgar Allan Poe's work inspired her to create a new Tarot deck.More »
  • Creative Thinking / Life of Johnny Rosselli

    Leonard Mlodinowdiscussed ways to practice creative and expansive thinking. Followed by Lee Server on the colorful life of mobster Johnny Rosselli.More »
  • Flexible Thinking/ Alien Encounters

    Leonard Mlodinow talked about flexible thinking, and Stephen Hawking. Followed by Rosemary Ellen Guiley on encounters with aliens.More »
  • Explosion of Science/ Biblical Mythos

    In the first half of the show, Leonard Mlodinow, an author with a Ph.D. in theoretical physics, talked about the explosion of science in the last 50 years and how it's propelling us into a fascinating new future. In the latter half, paranormal investigator, author, and...More »
  • Trajectory of Science

    With a Ph.D. in theoretical physics from UC Berkeley, Leonard Mlodinow is the co-author with Stephen Hawking of the best-seller A Briefer History of Time. He discussed the trajectory of modern science from primitive tool making to modern quantum mechanics. First hour guest,...More »
  • The Subliminal Mind

    Physicist and author Leonard Mlodinow discussed his work on the power of the subliminal, and how the unconscious mind shapes our experience of the world. According to him, all judgments and perceptions reflect the workings of our mind on two levels: the conscious, of which we...More »
  • Unconscious Mind

    Physicist Leonard Mlodinow joined John B. Wells for an eye-opening examination of how the unconscious mind shapes our perception of the world. In the first hour, avian flu expert Gary Ridenour provided an update on the controversial CDC-NIH project which mutated the virus.More »
  • Debate: Science vs. Spirituality

    Caltech physicist Leonard Mlodinow and spiritual leader Deepak Chopra faced off in a passionate but respectful debate, addressing some of the most fundamental questions that have intrigued humanity for hundreds of years. First hour guests, 'Ghostbuster Gals' Ronnie Rennae...More »
  • Saints & Spells

    A student of the magical arts since childhood, Judika Illes discussed beings that can offer both physical assistance and spiritual guidance. Known as saints in some traditions and mystics & sages in others, she shared both the history and current ways these beings can be used to...More »
  • Cosmology & the Universe

    Caltech physicist Leonard Mlodinow discussed his current work with Stephen Hawking on the grand design of the universe and two central questions-- where does the universe come from, and why are the laws of nature what they are? Hawking's theories and the latest research in...More »
  • Probability & Randomness

    Physicist and author Leonard Mlodinow discussed his exploration into probability and randomness and showed how our lives are more shaped by chance than some may expect. Detailing his findings, he explained, "I'm not saying that the world is completely random. I'm saying...More »
  • The Influence of Randomness

    Appearing in the middle two hours, physicist and writer Leonard Mlodinow spoke about his recent studies on randomness, and the influence it has in our daily lives. The title of his new book, The Drunkard's Walk, refers to the idea that we often end up getting to places through a...More »
  • Physics and Life

    Physicist Leonard Mlodinow, was Barbara's guest on Sunday night. He discussed his bookFeynman's Rainbow, which draws on his extensive and lively conversations with Richard Feynman, the legendary Nobel Prize Winner.More »

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