Quantum Physics & Stephen Hawking / Poltergeist Haunting

Quantum Physics & Stephen Hawking / Poltergeist Haunting


HostGeorge Noory

GuestsLeonard Mlodinow, Keith Linder

With a Ph.D. in theoretical physics from UC Berkeley, Leonard Mlodinow is the co-author with Stephen Hawking of the best-seller A Brief History of Time. In the first half, he discussed the latest news in quantum physics and his friendship with Hawking, which he explored in a 2020 memoir. Hawking was an inspirational figure who was able to defeat the disease he struggled with for so many years while accomplishing so much in science. A few years before he passed away, he cautioned that we should be careful about looking for extraterrestrials. Mlodinow explained that Hawking's concern was that aliens capable of traveling to our planet might be so advanced that they would view humans, the way we look at insects and animals, and treat us as a lowly life form.

One of the newer discoveries in physics concerns experiments with electrons and muons (elementary particles similar to electrons). The tests, Mlodinow revealed, found particles decaying with an unexplained imbalance, and an anomaly with the particles' magnetism, and these results contradict physics' Standard Model. Particles are tested in accelerators like the facility at CERN, which has a vast 28-mile circumference. He explained that physicists make inferences or draw conclusions by looking at the debris from the collision of particles.


Keith Linder is an IT professional, with over twenty-five years working in both hardware and software industries. He abruptly was introduced to the paranormal in 2012 when he and his girlfriend moved into a haunted house outside Seattle, WA. In the latter half, he detailed the poltergeist-like activity that took place there, including spontaneous fires, stone-throwing, teleportation, and objects levitating (view related images), as well as his scientific/theoretical analysis. As the activities increased in intensity by 2014, clergy and paranormal teams became involved, he noted. The church advised him to display his religious beliefs openly, and when he placed bibles in the house, several of them caught on fire while he was sleeping. One of the bibles disappeared entirely, only to reappear after a year and a half in flames on his bedroom floor, he recounted.

Objects like his keys would frequently go missing only to turn up in strange places like the freezer, said Linder. He had burn remnants in the home tested, and the results showed they were made of bone char-- an incinerated reduction of bison bones. This ash was known to be used by Native Americans in the 1800s to create calligraphy, and he believes the poltergeist(s) were attached to the land underneath the house (which was constructed in 2005). Linder also theorized that the poltergeists might levitate or move different items through the manipulation of infrasound. This low-frequency sound is below human hearing range, but scientists have in recent years demonstrated how it can move objects, he reported.

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