Jim Myers

Jim Myers


Jim Myers has been an avid Sasquatch believer for most of his adult life, but only in the last eight years has he moved from Bigfoot believer to Bigfoot researcher. Jim and his wife, Daphne, own a very unique store in Bailey, CO called The Sasquatch Outpost. The Outpost houses not only one of the largest collections of Bigfoot souvenirs anywhere in the country, but is also the home of the Sasquatch Encounter Discovery Museum, which has seen close to 15,000 visitors in the past 3 years. The mission of the museum is to educate and inform skeptics and believers alike, showing the science and legitimate research that is being done around the country.

Jim is passionate about two things: staying abreast of the most current research methodology available, and learning as much as possible about these amazing, elusive hominids that have yet to be "discovered" by the scientific community. Together, Jim and his team of researchers have gathered an impressive number of eyewitness sightings and encounters that defy any other natural explanation. The Myers plan to expand their store and museum later this year, turning the Sasquatch Outpost into a true "Bigfoot experience."


Past Shows:

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  • Sasquatch in the Rockies

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