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Bigfoot researcher Jim Myers operates the Sasquatch Outpost and has dedicated his life to understanding the creatures known as Yeti, Sasquatch, and Bigfoot. During Friday night's program, Myers delved into who they are, how they live, the powers and abilities they have, and if they plan to reveal themselves to humanity. According to Meyers, Yeti and Sasquatch are the same creature — they are cousins that live on two different continents. He divided researchers into two camps: those who think Sasquatch is a descendant of Gigantopithecus (extinct giant ape), and others who believe it is a human hybrid. "They don't behave in an ape-like manner," he revealed, pointing out their intelligence exceeds modern apes and they have developed a complex language.

"I have seen things I cannot explain where a Sasquatch disappears," Myers continued. He pondered whether the creatures become invisible or enter another dimension. Myers reported on credible accounts of Sasquatch that have been killed or found dead, and questioned why no bodies have been recovered. "I believe there are national forest offices that are tracking Sasquatch, that are asking their rangers to report when they find one or see one," he suggested, adding there are secret government studies going on. Myers also commented on tree structures thought to be the work of Bigfoot (Related Photos), as well as paranormal aspects related to the creatures. "We've seen a number of things that would lend us to believe that they are paranormal," he revealed, noting in particular the presence of orbs in their vicinity, ability to appear and disappear at will, mindspeak, and their capacity to heal.


Open Lines followed in the latter half of the show. Lori in Iowa told George about the time she and her friends went on a hike near Marysville. According to Lori, the group smelled something putrid then heard a bloodcurdling scream. "I can't describe it to you other than I've never heard anything like it before or... since," she said, adding the hair on her arms stood up straight. Despite everyone in the group being armed they decided to leave the area immediately, Lori reported.

Bill from Los Angeles injected some humor into the show when he claimed to have uncovered new information about Bigfoot through FOIA requests. "Did you know, for example, that Sasquatch changed his original name over a copyright dispute?" he asked George, noting the Sasquatch's original name was Dirty Harry. The creatures leave behind no fingerprints because they wear gloves and are usually barefoot because their flip flops fall off when they run, he joked.

Repeat caller Cornelius phoned in with a health update regarding his near brush with death several weeks ago. Cornelius has been in the hospital and rehab for the past 30 days because of conditions that led to extremely elevated blood sugar levels. Had he not sought medical help immediately it is likely Cornelius would have collapsed and gone into a diabetic coma. "I didn't want to join Art Bell and Stanton Friedman just yet," he quipped.

The final half hour featured a replay from 10/22/2018 when parapsychologist Brandon Massullo shared his views on apparitions and hauntings.

News segment guests: Christian Wilde / Kevin Randle

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