Dr. Eric Pearl

Dr. Eric Pearl


In August of 1993, Eric Pearl, discovered that he had been blessed with an unusual gift. After 12 years of practicing traditional chiropractic, he suddenly became a healing vehicle of a different kind: a conduit through which healing energy seems to flow. Eric Pearl's patients report the disappearance of cancers, AIDS, chronic fatigue syndrome, birth disfigurements, and deformities of bone, as well as regaining the use of limbs after complete spinal cord injuries.

Recognized internationally, Pearl's healings have elicited great interest from top medical researchers worldwide, including one of the top hospitals in the United States, a world-renowned spinal cord injury center, a Level I trauma institute, and a major university medical school. In addition, Eric is the author of The Reconnection, has appeared on several nationally broadcasted shows, and his lectures are now offered worldwide.



Past Shows:

  • Psychic Communications/ Reconnection & Healing

    In the first half, psychic Linda Salvin joined George Noory to discuss her mediumistic and healing abilities, and various spiritual techniques and communications. In the latter half, Dr. Eric Pearl addressed how people can reconnect their lives, and experience healing by...More »
  • Channeling & Healing

    In the first half, Linda Freud, a medical intuitive who channels spirits and angels to help clients, and her husband, author and spiritual researcher David Freud spoke about her healing process. In the latter half, Dr. Eric Pearl discussed the unlimited Universal energy...More »
  • Reconnective Healing

    Dr. Eric Pearl spoke about his technique called reconnective healing, a kind of "hands off healing." The unique method works by reconnecting strings or strands, and tapping into a healing spectrum. First hour guest, cryptozoologist Loren Coleman talked about researcher John...More »
  • Healing, Energy & Light

    On the forefront of the scientific explorations of healing,Dr. Eric Pearl spoke about the latest discoveries involving subtle energy and light.More »
  • Reconnective Healing

    Dr. Eric Pearl discussed the energies and ramifications of his healing "gift" that he discovered by accident through the care of patients in his chiropractic practice. During this discovery process, he said a number of his patients went into spontaneous trance states, and...More »
  • Dr. Eric Pearl

    As a doctor, Eric Pearl ran a highly successful chiropractic practice for 12 years until one day in 1993 when patients began reporting that they felt his hands on them even though he hadn't physically touched them. For the first couple of months, his palms blistered and bled....More »