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    On the forefront of the scientific explorations of healing, Dr. Eric Pearl spoke about the latest discoveries involving subtle energy and light. Beyond the constraints of distance and intention, lies a comprehensive healing spectrum that's comprised of energy, light and information, he explained.

    This type of "reconnective healing" is not about faith, belief, or knowledge-- but rather a state of "knowingness," transcending specific techniques, and tapping into a natural field, he outlined. Pearl said that Dr. William Tiller took tests at one of his seminars and measured an increased level of energy in the room.

    The light given off by human beings is different than other species, said Pearl, who added that our DNA is evolving, moving from two strands as we know it into a twelve-stranded system.

    Food Safety

    First half-hour guest, Charles Margulis of the Center for Food Safety addressed food contamination especially coming from China. The FDA inspects less than 1% of imported foods, he reported. Instead of multiple organizations such as the FDA and USDA, there should be a single agency responsible for food safety, he advocated.

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