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Psychic Communications/ Reconnection & Healing

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With a PhD in metaphysics and a lifetime of bizarre experiences, psychic Linda Salvin joined George Noory to discuss her mediumistic and healing abilities, and various spiritual techniques and communications. Her particular gifts in this arena and spiritual awakening seemed to evolve out of several traumatic incidents that happened to her earlier in her life including surviving a plane crash and a serious car accident. Since she received her psychic gifts, she believes her purpose or mission is to teach people self-worth or self love, how to connect to a power greater than themselves, and to let go of their psychological baggage and negativity.

Salvin talked about her use of "Candle Magic," an occult technique in which one petitions to affect change using spiritual elements, in such areas as money, career, health, and relationships. The candles incorporate certain formulas and aromas, and can help change a person's luck or open up opportunities for them, she explained. She also touched on the different types of soul mates, and guardian angels, and how they interact with our lives.


In the latter half, Dr. Eric Pearl addressed how people can reconnect their lives, and experience healing by using their internal power and mind potential to move beyond the constraints of time. According to Pearl, reconnective healing is a hands-off technique, a kind of mind-body intervention that works by reconnecting strings or strands, and tapping into a healing spectrum that's composed of energy, light, and information. In a recent study at the University of Arizona, they found that reconnective healing was more than twice as effective as physical therapy in restoring or regaining use of limbs of the body, he reported.

Part of the healing process involves reconnecting with the DNA memory of our fullness, and pulling it forward into our "active listening place," with the essence of who and what we are as human beings, he explained. "Reconnective healing allows us to function outside of time-- the healings tend to be fairly instantaneous and they tend to be lifelong, so you don't have to go back again and again," he said.

News segment guests: John M. Curtis, Jerome Corsi, Steve Kates


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