Dr. Laurie Ann Perlman

Dr. Laurie Ann Perlman


Dr. Laurie Ann Perlman is a clinical psychologist, author, and film producer. She is known for her practices as a spiritual psychologist. She was intrigued by the concept of "life after life" from an early age, after reading a magazine interview with Dr. Elisabeth Kübler-Ross, a pioneer in near-death studies. She is the founder and CEO of the digital treatment tech company HERE Global. She has appeared as a psychology expert on national television news programs including CNBC, MSNBC, Nightline, The View, and Today and been interviewed by Barbara Walters, Martin Bashir, & Hoda Kotb. 



Past Shows:

  • Combating UFO Secrecy / Overcoming Dark Entities

    Civil rights attorney Daniel Sheehan shared updates on his efforts to combat UFO secrecy. Followed by Laurie Ann Perlman on helping people overcome negativity and dark entities.More »
  • Spiritual & Intuition Potentials

    In the first half, founder of Moonview Sanctuary, spiritual psychologist Dr. Laurie Ann Levin, discussed how people are reacting to the new year, 2012, and offered tools that can be used to tap into one's own sources of intuition and guidance. In the second half, author &...More »
  • Conspiracies & Cures

    Italian filmmaker and conspiracy theorist Massimo Mazzucco discussed his work researching the 9-11 attacks, as well as alternative cures for cancer, including the work of Dr. Tullio Simoncini who claims to cure cancer with baking soda. First hour guest, psychologist Dr....More »
  • Cosmology & Asymmetry

    Dartmouth astrophysicist Marcelo Gleiser discussed origins of the universe, of matter, and of life, as well as their asymmetrical properties. Last hour guest, psychologist Dr. Laurie Ann Levin reacted to a recent account of a clinically dead three-year-old boy who saw his...More »
  • Spirit Communication & Therapy

    Intuitive Dr. Laurie Ann Levin discussed her involvement with spiritual communications, life after life, and "universal energies," as well as spirit-based guidance techniques that she uses in therapeutic situations. First hour guest, researcher Lloyd Pye shared an update on...More »

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