Combating UFO Secrecy / Overcoming Dark Entities

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Combating UFO Secrecy / Overcoming Dark Entities

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In the first half, civil rights attorney Daniel Sheehan shared updates on his efforts to combat UFO secrecy. He believes there is compelling evidence that the US military & Defense Dept. has recovered more than one crashed UFO, which they've been deconstructing and back-engineering. He spoke about his legal representation of Luis Elizondo in his complaints against the US Defense Department-- Elizondo was the director of a top-secret Pentagon program exploring UAP, and some Pentagon officials denied the program even existed. Sheehan also reported that just last month, the US Congress passed a new mandate called the Joint Program Office, in which all US Defense Dept. services and intelligence agencies must turn over data to the Senate & House Intelligence Committees of any efforts to capture or back-engineer UFO technology.

Further, Sheehan announced that he's been asked to establish a new tax-exempt oversight institute to act as a watchdog to ensure the Joint Program Office operates as intended by law. One of the things that fascinates him about UFO evidence is that the craft don't seem to have any traditional engine or propulsion, and he believes that military contractors have still not been able to crack that mystery. "It appears to be involved in a form of telepathy," he revealed. "They found helmets inside these craft that are worn by the pilots that appear to direct the craft by telepathy." Bafflingly, the field in which the craft move may have something to do with time travel, he added, as instead of moving in a linear fashion, they project themselves in a different point in time to another place.


A doctor of clinical psychology, as well as an intuitive medium and channel, Laurie Ann Perlman has been helping people overcome negativity and dark entities for over 30 years. In the latter half, she discussed the practice of exorcism and how to tackle demons and dark energies, and avoid future assaults. Dark energies, she explained, can attach to our unwanted thoughts and lower-level emotions like fear or anger. These "demon saboteurs" can be thought of as "interdimensional energies that can assault us if we're in a matched frequency," she continued, adding that if you are suffering or compromised at a soul level, you are susceptible to matching the frequencies of these dark forces. Further, such attachments can be passed down over generations or from previous incarnations, she asserted.

When taken over by a wave of darkness and repetitive negative thoughts, there are different methods to shift out of these frequencies, she said. Such actions include putting on music and dancing, taking a walk on the beach, or visualizing loving or joyful situations. Through stimulating both hemispheres of the brain, her free meditation app helps people increase their sense of well-being, especially if affected by such things as trauma and PTSD, Perlman shared. She also talked about the concept of a coming New Earth-- in which society will move into a more unified state, as we enter a world of dominion, not domination.

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