'Upside' Vision / Haunted Port Gamble

Hosted byConnie Willis

'Upside' Vision / Haunted Port Gamble

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Tom Matte sees things we do not. He joined guest host Connie Willis (info) to discuss how he sees and experiences contact from non-human intelligent beings and why he is on a mission to create technology to triangulate these holographic images and messages back to their source.

Matte described experiencing "upside vision," a phenomenon where he perceives holographic images that appear around him. These images are distinct from normal mental visualization or memory recall. According to Matte, they require focused visual attention and cannot be seen during other activities, such as driving. Upside vision images are vivid and dynamic, resembling cinematic scenes from "The Queen's Gambit" or "Iron Man," and have been part of Matte's life for about a dozen years, triggered initially by a severe mental health crisis involving addiction. Despite two MRIs revealing no brain abnormalities, the ability to see and interact with these holographic images has persisted, leading Matte to explore this phenomenon further with scientific studies.

He also noted that these images are external and engaging in various ways, sometimes showing random or nonsensical scenes that can later change. Matte compared the phenomenon to remote viewing, where one can visualize historical events or other scenes, though the accuracy and purpose of these images remain uncertain. He emphasized that this ability, which he believes might be linked to a brain mutation or an unknown external intelligence, does not interfere with daily life. Matte cited ongoing research, including studies at the Institute of Noetic Sciences, which aims to understand the underlying brain states associated with this phenomenon, and potentially offer insights into the broader human experience and consciousness.


Pete Orbea, aka Paranormal Pete, leads popular Ghost Walks in the historic town of Port Gamble, Washington, as well as hosts a paranormal YouTube channel. During the latter half of the program, he reported on the haunted Walker Ames House in Port Gamble (related photos).

Orbea discussed his approach to investigating the Walker Ames House, emphasizing the importance of respecting the spaces believed to be inhabited by long-term spirit residents. He identified two specific areas within the house—a service staircase and a walk-in closet—where they discouraged entry and filming to maintain these as safe spaces for the spirits. Orbea believes this respectful approach has fostered a positive relationship with the spirits over the years, and is something beneficial for other investigators to consider. By setting aside areas for spirits to retreat, investigators might encourage more positive interactions during their investigations, he suggested.

Orbea also shared his personal journey into mediumship, which began unexpectedly around 10 to 11 years ago. Initially skeptical, he experienced profound events at the Walker Ames House and the Oregon Ghost Conference that led him to his first psychic reading, which revealed latent abilities. Over the past decade, Orbea's abilities have evolved, including incorporating automatic writing and connecting more frequently with people's pets. This transformation has been both challenging and rewarding, he revealed, noting it has enabled him to help others find closure and understanding through readings.