Numerology for 2024 / Alien Abduction

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Numerology for 2024 / Alien Abduction

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In the first half, numerologist Glynis McCants (ph. 877-686-2373) discussed the World Energy of 2024, an "8" year, and how it will influence world affairs, as well as opportunities to create personal wealth. If you trace that energy of an "8," it has two perfect circles. "And I say when you trace it, you have the power to flip it," she commented. If an energy or choice is going in the wrong direction, "you can regroup and change it; it doesn't have to go down that dark road," she added. McCants does not believe conflicts such as in Israel and Ukraine will be resolved in 2024, though some compromises may happen. In the cycle of "8," more truth is revealed, and she believes that new revelations about Putin will come out, possibly related to his health.

2024 will be a highly political year, she noted. Joe Biden will be going into a cycle of "3," which promotes communication, which could be good for him, she said, and though Donald Trump has the powerful combination of "123" in his numbers, he is facing many difficulties. Nikki Haley has positive numbers for 2024 and has been able to communicate her message clearly so far, McCants continued. She touched on the numbers of celebrities who passed away this year such as Suzanne Somers, and those that triumphed like Taylor Swift, who actually uses numerology herself. She also shared a prosperity affirmation for the new year, suggesting that people repeat it daily: "I welcome great wealth into my life and the freedom to do whatever I want (audio clip)." To learn your Life Path number, Glynis shares this link.


In the latter half, researcher, lecturer, and author, R.L. Poole related his personal experiences with the alien abduction phenomenon, having been abducted by the Greys numerous times over the last 40 years (view related images). Poole said his first experience began when he was just six years old, when he found himself standing barefoot in the snow in his backyard, though he didn't start to recall the episodes fully until around 2006. Many of his subsequent abductions, he said, have occurred from his bedroom, and afterward, he consistently sees a distinctive pattern of marks on his hands like an injection site. He has learned a number of things about the ETs, such as that they live to be about 130-140 years old. They told him they were suffering from advanced evolution backfiring on them; as their brains had grown larger, their bodies were becoming diminished and sterile.

Because of their physical issues, they eventually sought to combine their genetics with humans to create a new species, Poole continued. And while they are doing this process on other worlds, they refer to Earth as the "Planet of the Children," he disclosed. Poole described the inside of the ET craft as a featureless place that feels like a dome, with the walls resembling a white LED screen. He suggested that their ship is surrounded by a bubble that pushes space-time around it. He considers the abduction process to be primarily an invasive and unwelcome experience, and estimated that some 100,000 people are being abducted at any one time. According to Poole, there are separate groups of aliens visiting us who have different agendas-- he categorized them as ranchers, wranglers, and rustlers. The Greys, he compared to ranchers, as they take him, sometimes heal him from injuries, and then put him back-- similar to how livestock are treated.

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