Josh Reeves

Josh Reeves


Josh Reeves is a Dallas, Texas-based researcher, filmmaker, and radio talk show host who first learned of government crimes in the 1990′s by reading Jim Marrs' "Crossfire," which lead him to start investigating black operations and secret societies. He gives his commentary and original point of view on news and current events as well as information about chemtrails, secret/ancient societies, bloodlines, hidden technology, Freemasons, and the overall plan of "The Global Elite."



Past Shows:

  • Time Travel / AI Armageddon

    Aage Nost discussed the late inventor Steve Gibb's Time Travel Device. Followed by researcher Josh Reeves, who examined where we may be headed with artificial intelligence.More »
  • Minority UFO Encounters / Mysteries of Ancient America

    MUFON investigator and podcaster Roderick Martin discussed UFO encounters and alien abductees from the perspective of people of color. Followed by documentarian Josh Reeves on uncovering the mysteries of ancient America.More »
  • America's Lost Secrets

    Rob Simone (email) was joined by researcher, filmmaker and radio host Josh Reeves for a discussion on his quest to uncover the ancient history and forgotten past of the Americas. In the first hour, exopolitics pioneer Michael Salla commented on NASA footage that appears to...More »
  • America's Ancient Secrets

    Investigative journalist and radio host Josh Reeves joined John B. Wells for a discussion on America's forgotten history, including a mysterious wall in Texas, ancient mounds, and evidence for giants.More »

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