Minority UFO Encounters / Mysteries of Ancient America

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Minority UFO Encounters / Mysteries of Ancient America

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In the first half, certified MUFON investigator and podcaster Roderick Martin joined Richard Syrett (Twitter) to discuss UFO encounters and alien abductees from the perspective of people of color. He explained that as an African-American, he's made it his goal to focus on the encounter and abduction stories of the Black community, who aren't always well-represented in UFO research and popular accounts. As an example, Martin cited the case of Betty and Barney Hill. It's well-known that they were an interracial couple, he noted, but few cases involving people of color have gotten such attention since the Hills', which was in the 1960s. On a personal level, Martin went on, he kept his own experience at age 12 with seeing a UFO a secret for many years, because of the cultural norms of his community as well as his family's conservative Christian beliefs.

Martin also offered his perspective on the US government's knowledge of UAP, particularly the elusive reports expected from Congress, the Pentagon, and the ODNI. For him, a big piece of the puzzle is the reason that the official response to the topic of alien contact is kept so secret and hidden. Although he wants to know what the government knows, "The how and the what are never as important as the why," Martin said. He called the Whistleblower Act, which aims to protect people who come forward with disclosure information, "the best thing that could ever have happened to ufology." While he acknowledged that some military technology like drones may be mistaken for UAP, Martin stressed that other craft sightings are undoubtedly of extraterrestrial origin.


In the latter half, documentarian Josh Reeves talked about his work uncovering the mysteries of ancient America. He detailed the case of a town in Texas where he grew up, where rows of rock buried under the ground were discovered by settlers in the 1800s. Although many believe the structure to be a natural formation, Reeves argued that the rows clearly form a wall constructed intentionally, and despite being hundreds of thousands of years old, it indicates structural engineering far ahead of its time. There's evidence that the wall was intended as a sea wall, as well as a launching structure for alien craft, he continued— and even that it was able to generate electricity through low-level vibrations.

High strangeness in the area surrounding the rock wall— what is now Rockwall, Texas— is also common, said Reeves. He related an instance of lost time when he was in high school, along with a dark presence that seemed to follow him and a friend one day. Explorers in a nearby cave also report having the batteries in their lights and electronics drained by an unknown force there, Reeves related. In addition, Rockwall sits on the same latitudinal parallel as Roswell, and is "aligned with the equinoxes and the solstices," which he interprets as evidence of advanced technology by its ancient, otherworldly inhabitants.

Reeves addressed the cover-ups he sees as hindering researchers' attempts to learn the truth about stories like Rockwall. He claimed, for instance, that the Smithsonian Institution routinely confiscates evidence like giant skeletons and enigmatic writings in order to hide them from the public.

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