Paranormal Encounters/ Open Lines

Paranormal Encounters/ Open Lines


HostGeorge Noory

GuestsMike Ricksecker, Open Lines

Paranormal researcher and author specializing in mysterious events and historic curiosities, Mike Ricksecker, discussed his encounters with the paranormal, including shadow people and ghosts. He identified himself as a 'ghostorian'—someone who researchers the history of a ghost and the place in which it haunts. Ricksecker traced his interest in the paranormal to a childhood shadow person encounter. "I woke up in the middle of the night and there was a humanoid shadow standing in the corner of my bedroom," he recalled, noting how it approached him, crossed his arms over his body, then ran off.

Numerous experiences have convinced Ricksecker of life after death. "There's no doubt... these things that are happening are absolutely real," he said. Ricksecker detailed a frightening encounter when a number of small shadow people emerged from the woods behind an abandoned house and approached his SUV. He suggested they could be interdimensional beings which are bleeding through from another dimension. Ricksecker shared a sleep paralysis experience, talked about a story he wrote, "Feeling the Afterlife," told from the perspective of a ghost, and reported on his favorite haunted location, the Stone Lion Inn in Guthrie, Oklahoma. "You can hear footsteps, doors are creaking open and shut, there's all kinds of activity going on [there]," he revealed.


Open Lines followed in the second half of the program. Ron in Carthage, Missouri, recounted strange occurrences at his daughter's home, a former boarding house by an old lead mine. While helping with repair work on the place, Ron claimed to witness an upstairs bathroom doorknob shaking on its own, and a pile of tires in the basement inexplicably re-order themselves. "I heard a little bit of noise, went down there and every one of those tires was standing up on edge, and 58 minutes later they were in stacks," he recalled, adding that nobody else was around.

Tracy from Granite City, Illinois, told George about a demonic attack which happened 30 years ago at a topless night club. "There was a demon crouched on [a dancer's] shoulder... it was looking directly at me," she said. According to Tracy, she asked the demon what it wanted and it jumped off the dancer onto a man sitting beside her. He immediately grabbed a beer bottle and tried to hit me with it, Tracy disclosed.

Michelle in Seattle, Washington, shared a story about defying death when she was walking home from school one day. Michelle explained how she was jogging to catch a friend when her body was suddenly jerked backwards like a dog reaching the end of a rope. She landed on her the ground and watched as a car sped down the road followed closely by police cruisers on the chase. "I know that had I not been jerked backwards... I would have been in middle of the intersection right in front of this car," Michelle said.

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