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Military Conflict Zones / Time Anomalies & Stargates

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Appearing under a pseudonym created to keep the author and his family safe from harm, Adam Gamal served in the most elite units in the US Army, deployed more than a dozen times, and finally retired in 2016. Currently an international consultant for a security organization, in the first half, he shared his account of how America fights its battles abroad in the modern age of terrorism, as well as offered commentary on various conflict zones. He described how he emigrated from Egypt to the US as a young man in order to experience greater freedoms, and then after 9-11 enlisted in a secretive military group referred to as "the Unit," which he said has been responsible for preventing many terrorist attacks throughout the Western world. Gamal rose through the ranks and became one of the Unit's most skilled operators.

He offered an analysis of the Israel-Gaza conflict and suggested that Hamas staged their attack as a way to derail the Abraham peace accords between Israel and various Gulf states because they believed if that happened, the Palestinian cause would be forgotten about. Gamal argued that a two-state solution is the only way to resolve the problem in that region. He also gave his take on other areas of geopolitical concern, including China, Russia, and Iran, and emphasized the importance of having diversity in the US armed forces.


Author Mike Ricksecker has been researching unexplained phenomena worldwide for over 30 years and has appeared on several popular television shows. In the latter half, he discussed his ongoing work on the nature of time, dimensions, and the possibilities of time travel, along with stargates, magnetic anomalies, and ancient Egyptian mysteries. He detailed his Stacked Time Theory, which is the idea that all time, past, present, and future are here right now. "Each of those moments has its own frequency to it," he explained, and if we can tap into those different frequencies, "we can move up and down that stack at will." Such occurrences can play out in our everyday lives, he added. For instance, two moments can bleed into each other in what has been called a "time slip" that is sometimes mistaken for a ghost or haunting.

Precognitive dreams and premonitions demonstrate an aspect of time travel, he remarked, and they may be fostered by a change in our brainwave states while asleep. Ricksecker delved into the concept of stargates or portals and how people may travel or disappear into them and related this to the Einstein-Rosen bridge, the scientific theory that wormholes exist out in space. The symbolism of stargates is seen at temples in ancient Egypt with their massive stairways, he added. Describing what he called "Egypt's Area 51," he said it's a military installation with unfinished or remnants of pyramids that were dug out, and there are rumors that the site contains an ancient circular stargate. For more, visit Mike's YouTube channel, the Connected Universe.

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