Samantha Ellen Ritchie

Samantha Ellen Ritchie


Samantha ‘Sam’ Ritchie has been a Bigfoot researcher since 2013 . Once a non-believer, she has had numerous life-changing encounters with not only the Sasquatch but other “over the top” experiences such as coming face-to-face with a strange glowing light portal and orb hovering over the ground, capturing on video and photos strange entities that appear ET in nature and are possibly a connection of the Sasquatch to UFOs. Sam had recently authored a book called "The Sasquatch: Journey Through The Veil" documenting all these experiences and their high level of strangeness.

As of late, she has discovered very small beings or Little People inhabiting the forest with the Sasquatch and has been able to take a number of photos of them as well as initiating a form of communication with them. She also creates videos for her Planet Sasquatch YouTube Channel, does regular presentations for various groups, and is in the process of writing a second book that goes into depth as to the nature of cryptids.



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