Keri Campbell

Keri Campbell


Keri Campbell is a modern-day alchemist of Complementary Medicine therapies. Combining the offerings of advanced technology with the knowledge of ancient healing methods, Keri empowers her clients and facilitates the journey toward their healing. She is a CA licensed Massage Therapist and is certified in both Craniosacral and Myofascial Release. She is a qualified nutritional counselor and an Usui Reiki Master that works with the Human Energy Field and in turn, it’s effects on the physical body.

At one time she was the yoga instructor to Olympic Athletes at the training center in Colorado Springs CO. Her unique combination of therapies has led her to help people get out of pain both physically and emotionally by treating the whole person from heart to toe.


Past Shows:

  • Energy Healing/ Mysterious Sasquatch Encounters

    In part one, guest host Connie Willis (email) welcomed energy healing expert Keri Campbell for a discussion on how the use of Myofascial Release is more than just a treatment option — it's a mind and body transformation that brings your mind and body into a place of alignment. ...More »

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