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Harry S. Dent, Jr., has an MBA from Harvard, was a consultant for several Fortune 100 companies while at Bain & Company, and is the founder of Dent Research. In the first half, he discussed why the most-hyped technologies of recent years won't pay off until the 2030s, why China may be the biggest bubble in the global economy, and why you should invest in the healthcare and pharmaceutical industries and pull out of traditional "safe" investments such as real estate. Dent believes that we are in the "second stage of the internet revolution," which is monetary transactions, and like the dotcom crash of the early 2000s, cryptocurrency such as bitcoin is about to suffer a severe devaluation and lose over 90% of its value.

Unlike most people forecasting future trends, Dent does not believe that China will be a strong economic power soon because he says that they have overextended themselves and currently have millions of homes and apartments lying vacant for a boom that never arrived. He also said that politicians do not cause economies to shift, since they simply "react to economics" and changes in the market. Dent’s philosophy is that smart investors should buy during economic downturns, not when speculation is running rampant. In the future, Dent says that the "top-down" models of business and economies will be replaced by a "bottom up" approach, because ‪"people drive our economy, not governments." Dent provided graphics to illustrate his discussion.


Modern mystic, medium, paranormal investigator and author Kristy Robinett has worked with a number of teams throughout the United States on paranormal cases, along with law enforcement as a psychic detective and psychic profiler. In part two, she discussed personal experiences and stories from clients of how our loved ones, including treasured pets, are communicating from the other side using different signs and symbols. Robinett had psychic episodes throughout her childhood, but her parents were convinced it was wrong or evil, and told her to stop. As an adult, a Protestant minister told her ‪"I think this is a gift and you need to develop it." She was soon hired part time by a local police department to follow up on cold cases, which she does to this day.

Robinett says that our loved ones who have passed on can communicate with us in a variety of methods (which she refers to as "heaven hellos"), and may manifest in ways that the witness is sensitive to, such as voices, placement or disappearance of objects, or even smells. She also believes that pets survive death and visit their still living owners in many forms. People have reported visitations of "everything from monkeys to pet spiders," she says. Robinett also mentioned that people seem to be receiving text messages from deceased loved ones, including one woman who said that her late husband texted her the message: "I will always be with you" from his phone, which she had kept in working order. ‪In the last hour, Robinett gave advice and readings live on the air for listeners.

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