Ron Alan

Ron Alan


Ron Alan says he has been an MK-Ultra experimental subject since birth, first by early CIA and U.S. Army / Navy doctors, later joined by FBI COINTELPRO perpetrators and their gangstalking minions. Ron and his older brother Gordon were chosen from four brothers as early MK-Ultra subjects. Now in his late sixties and self-observing his daily actions, reactions, and responses as if he were studying an actor in a play, Ron challenges preconceived ideas of slavery and what he once called his “normal life.”


Past Shows:

  • Mind Control Victims / Third Eye Revelations

    Ron Alan and author Elana Freeland discussed mind control in the MK-Ultra program used by government and criminal forces. Followed by Christian mystic and musician TruthSeekah on how the third eye is the door into the spirit realm.More »

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