Mind Control Victims / Third Eye Revelations

Mind Control Victims / Third Eye Revelations


HostRichard Syrett

GuestsRon Alan, Elana Freeland, TruthSeekah

Ron Alan, Richard Syrett's (Twitter) guest in the first half, claimed to have been a lifelong experimental subject of the secret MK-Ultra program. He described the experience as akin to slavery, with no ability for him to escape. Even as a baby, he recounted, he was experimented upon, a memory he was able to uncover through regression therapy. It's his belief, he said, that his parents—perhaps under duress—handed him and his brother over to the program.

As an adult, Alan explained, his sleep is constantly hijacked by the program's operatives, who implant synthetic dreams to control his consciousness. He also claimed to be a victim of involuntary astral projection.

Alan was joined by writer Elana Freeland, who explores topics like the Deep State, chemtrails, and transhumanism. She outlined the MK-Ultra program, which was developed during the Cold War by the CIA, when drugs, torture, and hypnosis were the tactics employed. More recently, Freeland alleged, the program has graduated to the more sophisticated technique of electromagnetic mind control. Duplication cloning, which can be achieved in as little as five months, is also a new horizon for MK-Ultra, she asserted. As for the motivation for such brutal methods, she surmised that its perpetrators wish to play God with humanity.


Christian mystic, podcaster, and hip-hop artist Truthseekah was the guest in the latter half. He discussed the role of the third eye-- which he defined as both a part of the human anatomy (the pineal gland within the brain) and the more abstract "mind's eye" of our imagination —in spiritual life. Truthseekah rejected the argument that the third eye lies outside of Christian teachings, citing Bible scripture he claimed to be evidence of its acknowledgment by Jesus and Old Testament prophets. Even in current times, he went on, the third eye is accessible to us, when we feel moved by the "heavenly realms" of God. We need only to be open to the experience to step into the realm of the third eye, he said.

Truthseekah warned that the third eye doesn't only grant us access to good and positive things, however. That's partly because the third eye doesn't open portals as much as it allows us to see portals that are already there. The difference, he explained, is in our own intentions and orientation toward good or evil. Among the gifts a right-intentioned person can gain through the third eye are seeing angels, auras, and emotional frequencies, as well as foretelling the future. Recalling his own life experiences, Truthseekah described using his third eye to do harm before turning to God.



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