Robert Lindsy Milne

Robert Lindsy Milne


Recognized across the continent as one of the most insightful psychic intuitive counselors of his time, Robert Lindsy Milne has traveled the world giving insight with his psychic intuitive sessions to tens of thousands of people. He has also worked with the police and Canadian Secret Service helping to gather intel and work on missing person cases. Currently, Robert is hosting his podcast, “My Side of The Crystal Ball." He is also an award-winning baker!


Past Shows:

  • Communism & the Antichrist / The Psychic Realm

    Author Kristen Van Uden spoke about the Antichrist, and communist oppression of religious groups. Followed by psychic Robert Lindsy Milne on his career and predictions.More »
  • Atlantis & Archaeology / Psychic Gifts & Spy Ring

    Aerospace engineer Mark Carlotto discussed Atlantis, and presented evidence that other enigmatic sites could be much older than we think. Followed by psychic intuitive counselor Robert Lindsy Milne on helping with his gifts.More »

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