Ryan Robbins

Ryan Robbins


Ryan Robbins is the creator of the Post Disclosure World YouTube channel. He spends hours every day following closely and studying the current events related to our march toward UFO disclosure.


Past Shows:

  • Tic Tac UFOs / UAP Hearings

    Documentary director Caroline Cory and technology researcher Dave Mason discussed the true nature of UFOs. Followed by researchers Joe Murgia, Danny Silva, and Ryan Robbins on the first open congressional hearings on UAP.More »
  • UFO Roundtable / Cryptoterrestrial Contact

    Citizen journalist Danny Silva, UFO researcher Joe Murgia, and Ryan Robbins of Post Disclosure World joined George Knapp for a UFO roundtable. Followed by Ryan Musgrave-Evans on his 'cryptoterrestrial' contacts.More »
  • Multi-Dimensional Experiences / Post-Disclosure World

    Daniel Pinchbeck talked about psychedelics and multi-dimensional consciousness. Followed by Ryan Robbins on UFOs and the post-disclosure world.More »