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L. A. Marzulli is an author, lecturer, and filmmaker. In the first half, he discussed his latest research into UFOs and disclosure and why he thinks the phenomenon is real, as well as its connection to the supernatural and ancient prophetic texts. In his new film UFO Disclosure Part 2, he looks at the Pentagon's study of UAP, and features interviews with researcher/author Preston Dennett and Francisco Carrera of Exopolitics Portugal. In the film, Carrera weighs in on the Roswell incident, noting that it's absurd to think that a crashed craft could have been mistaken for a weather balloon. Marzulli characterized the recent congressional hearing on UFOs as on the lower rung of disclosure and something of a "nothingburger."

Yet, Marzulli believes the "shadow government" may be in open communication with the aliens visiting us, and has been doing so for decades. He considers the Kumburgaz, Turkey UFO footage to be among the best ever recorded, as it shows a craft in detail and for an extended period, as well as an entity inside the craft. Marzulli explained that it is not necessarily at odds for supernatural entities to use technology-- examples of this are described in the Bible and other prophetic texts, with terms like "chariots of fire." The alien entities can shape-shift and appear in many different forms, he continued. "The Greys, in my opinion, are biological constructs who house the demons-- that's why they're very automaton-like," he added.


Los Angeles-based Chinese translator Samuel Chong was instrumental in arranging for the Chinese publication of Michel Desmarquet's book, "Thiaoouba Prophecy," a bestseller there. In the latter half, he shared Desmarquet's account of being abducted by alien beings from his home in Australia and then taken to their home planet, Thiaoouba, where he remained for nine days. Thiaoouba is classified as an advanced "category 9" planet compared to Earth which is a "category 1" lesser-evolved world, Chong recounted. Desmarquet referred to Thiaoouba as the "Golden Planet," as it has a pervasive shining light, so bright that he had to wear a facial covering when he first arrived.

He described the planet's inhabitants as attractive 8-foot-tall humanoids that are hermaphroditic and can self-reproduce. They can communicate telepathically and are interested in guiding Earth to a more spiritual path, Chong said. He added that they have been involved in our history over millennia, including helping the Allied powers defeat the Nazis by not allowing them to develop the atomic bomb. According to Desmarquet, the aliens revealed that the Great Pyramid of Egypt was constructed 17,000 years ago by Thoth from the continent of Atlantis using anti-gravity technology. The Thiaooubans also explained that ghosts are made up of electrons, "and when a person dies, the astral body remains on Earth for about three days," but a certain percentage of the electrons linger after that and resemble the shape of the once-living person, Chong detailed.

A tribute to the late paranormal researcher Dr. Claude Swanson was featured in the last half-hour.

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