Robert M. Schoch

Robert M. Schoch


Robert Schoch has a Ph.D. in Geology and Geophysics from Yale and has been working in Egypt focusing on the Great Sphinx and Great Pyramid, since 1990. He is a tenured full-time faculty member at the College of General Studies of Boston University where he has taught a variety of science courses since 1984. Based on his geological studies, Robert has determined that the Sphinx's origins go back to pre-dynastic times, thousands of years older than previously thought. In recent years, Dr. Schoch has expanded his research to encompass pyramids and associated structures around the world.



Past Shows:

  • Ancient Cataclysms / Climbing Mt. Kilimanjaro

    Researcher Robert M. Schoch updated his work on how intense solar activity has triggered cataclysms in the past. Followed by journalist Jeff Belanger on his adventure climbing Africa's Mt. Kilimanjaro.More »
  • Great Sphinx Discovery/ UFO Phenomena

    Robert Schoch discussed prehistoric civilizations. Dr. Irena Scott revealed her unusual UFO sighting.More »
  • Economic Outlook & Geopolitics/ Mysteries of the Sphinx

    V, the Guerrilla Economist offered forecasts for the economy and investments. Followed by Robert M. Schoch sharing new research on the Sphinx.More »
  • Nuclear Sabotage/ Ancient Egypt & the Sphinx

    Scott Portzline shared updates on possible sabotage and terrorism at nuclear power plants. Followed by Robert M. Schoch, on his work dating the Sphinx.More »
  • Mysterious Ancient Sites

    Independent researcher and leader of tours to locations of ancient mysteries and civilizations, Gary Evans, discussed the evidence at such sites for unusual properties, such as transformative acoustical effects, and stargates. Joining the conversation in the third hour, Robert...More »
  • Fracking/ Solar Outbursts & Ancient World

    In the first half, Peak Oil educator and fossil fuel critic, Richard Heinberg, discussed the problematic aspects of fracking as an energy resource. In the latter half, Robert M. Schoch, Ph.D discussed how coronal mass ejections (CMEs) from the Sun unleashed discharges upon...More »
  • Ancient Cataclysms

    During the middle two hours, geologist and author Robert M. Schoch, Ph.D. discussed how coronal mass ejections from the sun unleashed discharges upon Earth which destroyed ancient advanced cultures. In the first hour, Daniel Oldis talked about his research into lucid...More »
  • Ancient Sites & Solar Changes

    Geologist and author Robert M. Schoch has been instrumental in bringing attention to the interrelationships between geological and astronomical phenomena, catastrophes, and the early history of civilization. He shared his contention that certain ancient civilizations are much...More »
  • Psi Research

    Prof. Robert M. Schoch discussed his latest work studying parapsychology and the paranormal.More »
  • Pyramid Roundtable

    Michel Barsoum, Christopher Dunn, Margaret Morris, and Robert Schoch discussed the function and construction of the pyramids, and addressed the topic of whether the stones were cut or poured.More »
  • Ancient Wonders

    Robert Schoch, a professor at Boston University, discussed his research on the Great Sphinx in Egypt as well as pyramid structures around the world.More »

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