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Ancient Egypt & Cataclysms / UFOs & Alien Bases

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In the first half, tenured faculty member at Boston University, Robert M. Schoch, Ph.D., presented evidence that the Sphinx is thousands of years older than previously thought. It's a theory that he has been sharing for decades, and according to Schoch it's backed by strong geological proof. While most Egyptologists claim the Sphinx is 4,500 years old, he sees signs in the limestone bedrock that suggest the ancient monument is much older. "The initial thing that I saw was that the weathering on the Sphinx… is incompatible with the Sahara desert conditions that have been there for 5,000 years," he noted. Schoch pointed out other sophisticated civilizations that flourished up to 12,000 years ago, most notably Gobekli Tepe in Turkey. "We had true civilization before the end of the last ice age," he stated, adding that it's not beyond reason to think Egyptians at this time were building the Sphinx. Schoch admitted this idea has angered many archeologists who claim he is stealing Egypt from the Egyptians. "I always contended that I wasn't taking anything away from Egypt or the Egyptologist," he said. "I was just extending things further back in time."

Schoch shared his belief that a cataclysmic solar flare toppled the civilization that constructed the Sphinx, referencing ancient petroglyphs from around the world that portray such an event. "During an intense solar outburst… you would see things that would take on very distinct shapes in the sky… like cascading donuts," he said. "Close to 12,000 years ago, people around the world were carving the same images on rocks." Schoch spoke about how Egyptian records thousands of years later acknowledged the Sphinx had once been struck by some kind of force more powerful than lightning, what he believes was a coronal mass ejection from the sun. "What are known as the dynastic Egyptians were building on a much, much earlier heritage, as they always insisted that they were," he noted. The Sphinx's origin story is just one of the magnificent monument's mysteries. Schoch also discussed the enigmatic Hall of Records that many believe exists under the Sphinx's left paw. This ancient library could hold secrets about the lost civilization of Atlantis, and he told listeners that "there's a high probability the entrance to the chamber is in [a] cliff base" under the sand.


In the second half, extraterrestrial researcher Robert Stanley discussed various topics related to UFOs, including a recent Harvard study suggesting hidden alien civilizations could be on Earth. He pointed out that while the elite university's Galileo Project is searching for proof of ETs, it fails to investigate deeper existential matters. "It still doesn't answer the questions: 'Who are these beings? How long have they been here? What is their relationship to us?' and especially the question 'Why are you here?'" he said. Stanley relayed claims from NATO sources that there are different alien lifeforms vying for control of our planet. "They were talking about groups like Reptilians, tall Greys, short Greys, and then the group that actually scared them… was the one that looked exactly like us, because they could literally be anywhere," he shared. Stanley believes extraterrestrials are drawn to Earth for its abundance of natural resources. "It's the other illegal alien invasion that nobody wants to talk about," he claimed. According to him, they may have another motive beyond exploiting Earth's bounty, and that's to prevent humans from engaging in nuclear war. He theorized that "maybe the detonation… tears the fabric of the universe."

Stanley talked about how after publishing UFO photos on his website, it was hacked so deeply that even the server administrators couldn't restore access. His instincts told him it was government interference. "Officially, [they said] this is not a matter of national security," he stated. "Unofficially, by their actions, I would have to say that it's definitely a matter of national security." Speaking more about the government, he told listeners about UFOs appearing over 80 times above Washington, DC in 1952. He firmly believes top officials have gathered more information about extraterrestrials than they're letting on, saying "it would be shocking" if certain agencies didn't know the locations and motives of aliens among us. According to Stanley, we won't have answers until the powers that be allow for public discourse with known ETs, who possess technology beyond our worldly comprehension. The discussion also included the topics of quantum entanglement and extraterrestrials in the Bible.

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