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Lee Server

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A graduate of NYU Film School, Lee Server is the critically acclaimed author of the internationally best-selling biographies Robert Mitchum: Baby I Don't Care and Ava Gardner: Love is Nothing. His latest, Handsome Johnny, is the life story of Johnny Rosselli, the legendary mobster who was at the center of a century's darkest secrets, an untold story of organized crime, Hollywood, JFK-era scandal and international intrigue.



Past shows:

Mobsters in Las Vegas & Hollywood

Author Jack Sheehan discussed the life and times of drug trafficker Jimmy Chagra. Followed by author Lee Server who talked about mob fixer Johnny Rosselli. More »

Creative Thinking / Life of Johnny Rosselli

Leonard Mlodinowdiscussed ways to practice creative and expansive thinking. Followed by Lee Server on the colorful life of mobster Johnny Rosselli. More »

Last Night

Astrologer Mark Lerner discussed cycles of planetary alignment in relation to the election turmoil. Followed by Todd Standing and Danielle Diva Borozan on their Sasquatch explorations.

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