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Rick Shapiro

Special Guest


Rick Shapiro, J.D., a former practicing attorney, is a leading consultant and researcher in the field of safe, evidence-based, Integrative and alternative cancer treatments. His commitment to inform people of proven, cutting-edge therapies, brings real hope, enlightenment, and empowerment to people afflicted with late-stage and terminal cancer. These compelling, transformational therapeutic approaches are extending and saving cancer patient’s lives, now, despite prior pronouncements of fatalistic outcomes by conventional doctors.

Mr. Shapiro collaborates with internationally renowned cancer specialists who are at the forefront of proven, cutting-edge therapies, and has coached cancer patients from all corners of the world. He has interviewed hundreds of people who have thwarted dire metastatic cancer, who are enjoying life, 10, 15 and 25+ years, later. The culmination of his extensive research, to apprise people of "life-saving" healing remedies, is found in his new book: Hope Never Dies.



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