Satellite UFO Research/ Wall St. Confessions

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Satellite UFO Research/ Wall St. Confessions

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The first satellite for UFO research is being planned and intended to search low-Earth orbit for any sign of unidentified objects. In the first half, Dave Shock, the project coordinator of CubeSat For Disclosure joined Richard Syrett to discuss his team's mission to bring this satellite to reality. Shock says the shoebox-sized device will contain two cameras, "one pointing down and one pointing up." He believes that the crowd-funded project has a good chance to photograph anomalous objects in space, as well as measure any fluctuations in magnetic fields or radiation readings with other instruments on board. It is scheduled to launch in early 2018 into a polar orbit at 193 miles above the planet. The satellite will be aloft for approximately three months until the orbit decays and it burns up in the atmosphere.

Shock is hoping that the satellite not only captures photos and other data, but will also report on any UFOs and allow ground-based observers to confirm sightings in real time, since it will be sending live photos every five seconds while it remains in space. Because of its orbit over the north and south poles, it will be able to image the entire surface of the Earth as the planet rotates beneath. By U.S. law, any private satellite can be turned off by the government "in time of national emergency," but Shock says that this has never been invoked and doesn’t expect this to happen with his group's device. He believes that the project "may be the beginning of something really big."


Michael Kimelman had a good run as the co-founder of a hedge fund. But he was arrested as part of a huge insider trading case, and while he was offered a "sweetheart" no-jail probation plea, he refused, maintaining his innocence. In the second half, Kimelman also discussed his time as an inmate after nearly two years behind bars, reflecting on his experiences before incarceration – rubbing elbows with financial titans and major figures in sports and entertainment, and making and losing hundreds of thousands of dollars in daily gambles on Wall Street. Kimelman began his career as a lawyer in a prestigious firm in New York City, until he became frustrated with the work and turned to a college buddy who worked in a proprietary trading company. Soon, he was a trader at DayTech, an organization with what he called an "eat what you kill" philosophy, which meant that employees were only paid if they made money on stock trades.

With a little experience under his belt, Kimelman then co-founded his own hedge fund company, Incremental Capital. The company became riddled with informants and taps on phones, emails, and instant messages in an effort to discover any wrongdoing. The FBI burst into his home at 5AM on Novermber 5, 2009, and arrested Kimelman for insider trading. He blamed the charges and subsequent jail time on his former hedge fund friends and a sense of revenge directed at Wall Street by the U.S. Government as well as the public outcry after the economic collapse of late 2008. Rather than go after the real source of the disaster (such as mortgage fraud) Kimelman maintains that government investigators and prosecutors were engaged in "career calculus" to concentrate on easy and popular cases to make them look good to both the public and employers when they left government service. He also decried the concept of "criminal conspiracy," which he says is often used in a way that is "a pretty outrageous corruption of civil liberties."

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