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Hugh Simpson

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Hugh Simpson aka MR Valentine has spent the past 19 years teaching clients worldwide Situational Awareness, Preparedness and Survival. Previously he was a network news investigative reporter reporting on Civil Rights in the late 60s, the 60s drug scene, and consumerism. After leaving news, he returned to Florida State University to finish a degree in Sociology and then went on to get a Masters in Advertising & Public Relations at the University of Illinois, and opening a consulting firm in Public Relations with his first client being the Original Marlboro Man. Later clients included several World Guinness record holders, an award-winning kitchen designer, a Nobel Prize-nominated author, and an ultra marathon runner.

He also became a International Sports Science Association certified personal fitness trainer at 50 and hosted an award-winning TV show on holistic health and fitness for three years. His first book "A Family Survival Manual for Y2K & Beyond" led to being featured on CNN, Fox News and others. He has tested products for numerous Preparedness and Survival companies including: Lodge, CleanWaste, Moeller Technology, Zaps Gear, Smith Products, Sawyer, Survivor Industries, etc. His latest venture is consulting, designing and creating his XP Eco Dome Eco Villages & Resorts. Currently, he resides in western North Carolina mountains but he is now planning to relocate to Uruguay.



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Mark Jacobson discussed the life of Bill Cooper, author of the manifesto "Behold a Pale Horse." Followed by Moira McGhee on UFO and alien encounters in Australia and New Zealand.

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