Infrastructure Breakdown/ Wicca Rituals

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Infrastructure Breakdown/ Wicca Rituals

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In the first half, former CBS TV and Newsweek reporter, Hugh Simpson, discussed our vulnerability to a catastrophic breakdown of infrastructure, energy, and food, which is greater than it's ever been because of our dependence on technology, and our lack of preparation and survival skills. Only 2% of the population is prepared for a disaster, he cited-- people should have three days of water, and three days of food at a minimum, and a bug-out bag that is kept at one's home, car, and office. Americans living in lowlands and in the path of hurricanes should consider moving to other parts of the United States, which have plenty of land but little or no population, he suggested.

One method he cited for protecting yourself and your family is to get off the grid and/or relocate. He recommends moving to places such as Belize, Uruguay, or the Virgin Islands-- the Virgin Islands doesn't require a passport if you are a US citizen, he noted. If you are trying not to be tracked, he cited the importance of not using or updating social media such as Facebook. For a more secure communication option, he recommended the KryptAll company, which makes phones that do not track calls, and are said to be un-hackable. For more, check out his free ebook, Disappear & Re-Appear!


Visionary, and practitioner of a variety of esoteric disciplines, Ivo Dominguez, Jr., has been active in Wicca and the Pagan community since 1978. In the latter half, he talked about Wicca and astrology, as well as methods and rituals that increase the capacity to understand the rich worlds beyond the veils of the ordinary. He outlined the differences between psychic work, spiritual work, and magic-- for example, someone can access psychic skills without being spiritual. Spirituality, he explained, is about a person's connection to another spirit or deity.

He talked about the concept of 'divine possession" or "trance possession" which has to do with making space within yourself so that a god, goddess, or higher order being can slip down into you and be present in a healing, ceremony, or magical working, and lead to a greater impact. Dominguez views astrology as a kind of "lost language" that's a valid way "to describe what's going on with the energy of the world around us, by looking at what's changing in the heavens." For more, view his blog on the Witches & Pagans site.

News segment guests: Howard Bloom, John M. Curtis

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