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Scott S. Smith is a freelance journalist, whose 1,600 articles have appeared in 186 media, such as Los Angeles Magazine and Investor’s Business Daily, He has specialized in interviews of famous people and his subjects have included Bill Gates, Meg Whitman, Stan Lee, Richard Branson, and Kathy Ireland. He has also used his worldly skills as an analytical journalist to make the case for the paranormal as a reporter for Fate magazine and in several books.



Past shows:

Jimmy Hoffa Disappearance / Exploring the Paranormal

Investigative journalist Dan E. Moldea discussed the disappearance of Jimmy Hoffa, and the connection to the JFK assassination. Followed by journalist Scott S. Smith and artist Sandra Wells on their explorations of the paranormal and UFOs. More »

Current Events and Astrology / Religion and the Paranormal

Theodore White shared predictions and insights based on 'astrometeorology.' Followed by Scott S. Smith and Sandra Wells with their work bridging the paranormal and religion. More »

US Demographic Trends / Skeptics vs. Believers

Ken Gronbach offered a look at America's future via demographic analysis. Followed by Scott S. Smith on the debate between atheism and religion. More »

The College Myth / The Paranormal & Religion

Bryan Caplan argued that college educations can be wasteful. Followed by Scott S. Smith on bridging the paranormal and religion. More »

Conversations with the Deceased/ Souls & God

In the first half, author Frank DeMarco described his ongoing series of conversations with various non-physical beings, including Rita Warren, a psychology professor, and director at the Monroe Institute, who died in 2008. In the latter half, business journalist Scott S.... More »

Scott S. Smith

Scott S. Smith More »


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