Current Events and Astrology / Religion and the Paranormal

Current Events and Astrology / Religion and the Paranormal


HostGeorge Noory

GuestsTheodore White, Scott S. Smith, Sandra Wells

In the first half, mundane astrologer and journalist working in science and "astrometeorology," Theodore White discussed how astrology explains the many changes happening right now, including climate, coronavirus, earth activity, and finance. Known as 'Astromet' in the professional world of climate & weather forecasting, he said he correctly predicted the 2009-2011 El Nino/La Nina years in advance, as well as numerous other weather and climate events such as the droughts in the US West. Rather than global warming, he sees a cooling trend accompanying the upcoming Grand Solar Minimum cycle. Speaking of the civil unrest in the wake of the George Floyd killing, he cited the adverse influence of Mars transiting in Aries, which indicates we could see violence running through the rest of the year.

He sees problems between China and the US, with tensions escalating. COVID-19 will be with us until 2023, he predicted, as Saturn is transiting Aquarius for the next two years, and this suggests problems with air and influenza. Sporting events and concerts will not be coming back this year, he remarked, adding that he also sees significant obstacles for the 2022 Olympics in China. White said he predicted Trump's victory in 2016, and foresees his reelection in November, as he interprets Biden's astrological chart as showing weakness during this period.


In the latter half, journalist Scott S. Smith addressed his work bridging the paranormal and religion, messages from supernatural entities, and searching for truth in the debate between atheism and religion, as well as his views on the pandemic. His wife, researcher Sandra Wells, also joined the conversation. The gatekeepers of conventional wisdom, and academic skeptics have very closed minds when it comes to issues of the paranormal and consciousness, Smith said. They purvey dogmatic approaches he compared to fundamentalism. He also delved into why he rejected various mainstream religions in favor of a Gnostic Christian modality that recognizes an individual's own connection with a transcendental divine power (more on this in his blog posting).

Wells considers herself a pagan and differs somewhat from her husband's Gnostic stance. During an early near-death experience, she entered into a miraculous and transformative state, which led her to explore different ways of thinking and being. She met such people as Ram Dass, Timothy Leary, and Werner Erhard, and came under the tutelage of a man she called the Magician, who worked with the entity 'Green Tara.' "There are entities," said Smith, "that you can contact, whether you want to call them angels or ancestors and bring their help into your life." He also spoke about an opportunity for spiritual change arising from the pandemic. Smith shares his conclusions on the transmission of COVID-19 here.

News segment guests: Dr. Gary Ridenour, Howard Bloom



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