Cece Stevens

Cece Stevens


Cece Stevens is a world-renowned professional astrologer. She has read for movie stars, politicians, and the average working Joe. She is highly acclaimed amongst her peers of professional astrologers. Cece is also a first-class psychic medium. She is able to connect with those in the next world to offer help and messages needed. She has studied astrology since she was 16 years old. She has been aware of her gifts as a psychic medium since she was three years old, and was able to communicate with the dead as a child. These abilities have been with her all her life.

Cece has traveled the world and studied in the art of Reiki, crystal bowls, and chakra healing. She has written several books including "Solar and Lunar Returns" and "Astro-Magi Cards of Fate."



Past Shows:

  • Remote Viewing / What About Bob?

    Remote viewer Lori Williams discussed working with law enforcement, corporations, and individuals. Followed by astrologer and psychic medium Cece Stevens on how she got the wish-granting crystal skull she's named Bob.More »
  • Crystal Skulls / Bed Bugs & Ancient Discovery

    In the first half of the show, astrologer and dowser Cece Stevens talked about the upcoming Crystal Skulls Festival/World Mysteries Conference, which she organized. In the latter half of the show, investigative reporter Linda Moulton Howe discussed the invasion of...More »
  • Crystal Skulls Special

    A special show on the powers and mysteries of Crystal Skulls featured five different guests: Cece Stevens, Sherry Whitfield Merrell, Jane Doherty, Wachan,& Jaap van Etten, who will all be appearing at the upcoming Crystal Skulls Festival/World Mysteries Conference. First...More »

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