Remote Viewing / What About Bob?

Hosted byConnie Willis

Remote Viewing / What About Bob?

About the show

In the first half, Lori Williams joined Connie Willis (info) to discuss using her abilities as a professional remote viewer. Controlled remote viewing, she explained, can be understood as the focused, on-demand variety of the natural intuitive viewing skills we all possess. Examples she cited included a student who saw details in her viewing target (a photograph) as specific as the pattern on the tabletop in the image; in another case, she claimed, Williams herself was transported in her mind to the surface of Mars, millions of years ago.

The changes that practicing CRV can bring to one's life can be dramatic, Williams related. While overcoming fears and getting control over finances are some of its concrete benefits, she went on, on a more esoteric level, her entire perception of reality has expanded. When she started to remote view off-planet and UFO targets, she realized that "reality is a lot more than we think it is. Life is not binary. There are multiple dimensions and multiple realities and universes," she said.


Following in the latter half was astrologer and psychic medium Cece Stevens on how she got the wish-granting crystal skull she's named Bob. After failing to connect with a number of other crystal skulls, she related, she felt drawn to a gem show where Bob presented himself--in a room full of other crystal skulls. So intense was their encounter, Stevens said, that Bob became too hot to touch with bare hands.

Since their introduction, Stevens and Bob have done amazing work together. She credits him with activating the spirits of those who attend her conferences and ceremonies, uniting people and allowing them to make wishes.

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