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Abduction Experiences / Open Lines

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Filmmakers Jon Sumple & Jack Roth discussed their documentary, Extraordinary: The Seeding, which explores abductions, reproduction experiments, and alien hybridization programs as told by people who claim to have experienced the phenomena. Sumple admitted he had three UFO experiences himself by the time he was 12 years old. "The last time it was a craft that couldn't have been more than 400 or 500 yards away... the lights landing in the forest in front of my house," he recalled. The stories in the documentary film share common elements and corroborative reporting which should be considered evidence, Sumple suggested. He admitted he did not know what was happening to the individuals in the film but it was something having a profound emotional effect on them.

"What they're telling you is something that they're legitimately experiencing and have experienced... they believe that this is happening to them," Roth added, noting many of these experiencers are diagnosed with PTSD. According to Roth, DNA manipulation and hybridization programs may have been going on for thousands of years. The women he and Sumple spoke to recalled reproduction-related experiments being performed on them. "They're being seeded with something by something," Roth revealed. He shared the story of Sierra, a woman who was in a committed relationship with another woman, who had an abduction experience and became pregnant even though she had never been with a man. After talking with so many experiencers, the two believe there is definitely something profound and traumatic happening to them.


During Open Lines, James from Leavenworth, Kansas, offered his opinion on the controversial topic of gun control. According to James, who has carried a firearm for over 30 years with the Navy and law enforcement blamed one political party. "The democrats always seem to want to take away guns even though they claim they don't... and nothing that they propose thus far would've stopped any of these shootings," he said. James pointed out Dylann Roof, the white supremacist who shot and killed nine people at a church in South Carolina, shouldn't have been allowed to buy a gun because he was convicted of a felony drug possession. "Because it wasn't in the system correctly he got through and was able to get a gun," he said.

Jonas in Austin, Texas, shared a creepy experience from his time at a Christian military school. The school housed students on a lower bunk floor and all classrooms were located on the upper floor, he explained, noting how every two weeks students were required to switch bunks. Jonas' new bunk was located against a wall where he claimed he could hear strange noises. "I could hear people upstairs running around at 4:00 AM in the morning, footsteps, knocking over chairs, and there was no one there," he said. The staff were freaked out by the disturbances, Jonas added.

Barry from Rock Hill, South Carolina, phoned in to sing his rendition of ZZ Top's song, "Cheap Sunglasses," which did not go very well the first time around due to technical issues. According to George, he practiced singing the song for days. "It just didn't work out for him," George said. Barry phoned in again and was able to complete two verses of the song.

The final half hour featured audio from a past interview with legendary paranormal author and investigator Brad Steiger.

News segment guests: John Curtis / Peter Davenport / Tim Binnall


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