Suzanne Ross

Suzanne Ross


Suzanne Ross has dedicated her life to the awakening and ascension of humanity through her books, services, T.V. network, radio show, and the many events she has hosted. She is the author of the Up! Trilogy, Wake Up!, Rise Up! and Lighten Up! focused on the ascension of consciousness. She is founder and producer of SciSpi.TV, an internet TV network that merges science & spirituality.

She also guides spiritual journeys into the red rock vortex sites of Sedona, where she lives, as well as offering psychic readings and energy healing. Suzanne has hosted over a dozen conferences and retreats in Sedona since moving there in 2015. She is working with a team to build a self-sustaining unity-community on a large acreage sponsored by the 501c3 nonprofit she is CEO of called Awakening.



Past Shows:

  • Wisdom of the Kybalion / Spiritual Evolution

    Occult scholar Mitch Horowitz discussed the new film, The Kybalion, which is filled with ancient Egyptian wisdom for today. Followed by Integrative Wellness Specialist, Suzanne Ross on spiritual evolution and ascension.More »
  • Gun Rights / Alien Encounters

    Radio host and activist Mark Walters discussed his work defending the Second Amendment and gun rights. Followed by wellness specialist Suzanne Ross on her alien encounters, and paranormal and healing experiences.More »

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