Gun Rights / Alien Encounters

Gun Rights / Alien Encounters


HostGeorge Noory

GuestsMark Walters, Suzanne Ross

In the first half, talk radio personality, author, speaker, and activist Mark Walters discussed his work defending the Second Amendment, and his concerns that the Biden administration may try to put new prohibitive gun control laws into effect. He contended that the media under-represents cases where citizens using concealed carry weapons have been able to thwart attacks. Walters argued that semi-automatic rifles like the AR-15 are not "weapons of war" but simply load up the next single round of ammunition automatically and that they should not be part of an assault weapons ban. 

As part of possible new gun control policy, the Democrats and/or Biden are planning to ban the sale of assault weapons, he said. After the ban is enacted, he continued, they want to regulate existing owners' possession of these weapons under the National Firearms Act. Walters suggested that in many mass shootings, such as at schools, the killers have deliberately chosen a "soft" target where people are unarmed, or the location is undefended. He does not believe that enhanced background checks would eliminate most of the shootings, citing that many shooters passed checks when purchasing guns. 


Based in Sedona, Integrative Wellness specialist Suzanne Ross has coached thousands of people, enhancing their mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual well-being. In the latter half, she discussed her alien encounters, paranormal and healing experiences, and missing time reports. She recounted her father's missing time experience in 1950. When he awakened the next day, he discovered a triangular-shaped object was implanted into his wrist. After that time, her father had a lifelong obsession with UFOs. As a child growing up in Mt. Shasta, CA, she had telepathic encounters with strange blue beings who performed energetic transmissions.

A hypnotic regression session in 1995 opened the door for her spiritual journey and transformation, she recalled. In the session, two entities introduced her to a higher dimensional version of herself which entered into her being. In another session, it was revealed to Ross that she has a human-alien hybrid child who lives in another star system. In 2008, Ross embarked upon an Eastern or Buddhist path that enhanced her native spiritual and psychic abilities such as channeling and mind-body work. More recently, in 2017, Ross had an experience of lost time with two friends of hers when they attempted to communicate with the "Arcturians," and there was a flash of light off her balcony.

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