Matthew Swayne

Matthew Swayne


Matthew L. Swayne is a journalist who currently works as a research writer at Penn State. Matt has worked as a reporter and as a music reviewer for several newspapers and online outlets, such as and He is a regular contributor to the recently revitalized version of Omni Magazine, called Omni Reboot. He writes the Anti-Matter column, which looks at fringe science and the paranormal, for the online magazine. He has also worked on writing projects with Paranormal State's Eilfie Music. Balancing skepticism with an open mind, Matt uses his experience in journalism and interest in both ghost lore and the paranormal to collect and tell stories about the supernatural.



Past Shows:

  • Haunted Trains / Open Lines

    Matthew Swayne shared tales of ghost trains, phantom conductors, and other railroad related hauntings. Open Lines followed.More »
  • Paranormal Investigations/ WWII Ghosts

    Joshua P. Warren shared updates on the 'time warp' and Psychomanteum. Followed by Matthew Swayne on haunted sites of WWII.More »
  • Rock & Roll Mysteries/ Open Lines

    Matthew Swayne talked about rock & roll ghosts, legends, and curses. Open Lines followed in the latter half of the program.More »
  • Lost Civilizations/ Hauntings in Country Music

    Hypnosis expert Dr. Bruce Goldberg talked about ancient lost civilizations. Followed by Matthew Swayne on haunted places and spirits in country music.More »
  • Science of Hauntings / Rock Star Ghosts

    In the first half, George Knapp talked with UK researcher and writer Richard Thomas about a wide range of paranormal theories related to hauntings, ghosts, and other anomalous activity. One such theory proposed by author Richard Holland is that a shapeless, formless intelligence...More »